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Hey there!! My name is Lei, and I am a lifestyle photographer based in Atlanta, GA. I carry over 10 years of experience and with it, I aim to provide you with eye-catching images that truly portray your personality.

My photographic style is timeless, yet is still artistic. My goal is to bring you the feeling of nostalgia every time you look at your photos.



The photographer you didn't know you needed.

I'm going to be transparent for a sec: there's a REAL concern in the photography industry.

While there are millions of pretty photos out there, there's no connection between the people in them.

I've got some good news for you!!

It is important for me to consult and collaborate with each client in order to make your session a fun and comfortable experience! I will also give you all the direction and support you will need during your session in order to achieve those timeless captures.



Leave the location scouting up to me!! Having lived in North Georgia for over 20 years, I know a ton of hidden gems that will make your images unique and unlike anyone else's! 


Don't know what to wear?


I can help you out with that! I have outfit guides catered to all kinds of styles for any occasion. No need to go on aimless shopping sprees! We can stylize your shoot with what you have in your closet! Or... go get you some retail therapy! Whatever makes you comfortable- that's all that matters!

Capturing good vibes and bold love.

I am all about snapping those in-between moments so you can kick back + take it all in.